Our company is a reliable and confident partner in providing legal services to citizens and legal persons. We have had a wealth of practical experience in solving the most difficult judicial matters. We offer you the following provisional list of legal support services:

Legal services for enterprises and business projects

Interest Intermediation in Courts

Corporative disputes and protection of property right

Support of transactional real estate, including transactions with land

Contest of cadastral value of plots

Development of legal documents projects, legal expertise

Tax disputes

Support of registration, liquidation of a legal person


Intellectual Property Protection

Criminal Defense


When determining the price of our service we take into account the amount and complicacy of the work, the period of time required for having it done, degree of urgency and other circumstances. Depending on the type of provided services we can apply the systems of pay by the hour, fixed payments, periodical fee or a combination of these systems, as well as effectiveness factor. In any case, the amount of fee and the pricing factors are discussed with the customer beforehand.

For more information, please, contact us on our office telephone numbers.