Corporative disputes and protection of property right


Cooperate disputes are serious disagreements arising among groups of shareholders, between shareholders and employees, or shareholders and a company’s management concerning running the company, conducting economic activities, etc. In the complicated economic life of the Russian business corporate disputes take a significant place due to their importance and topicality. For this reason we offer you the services connected with the resolution of corporate disputes.

Protection the property right is the legal guarantees providing impermissibility of rights and interests of proprietor infringement. We are ready to provide you the following services on disputes concerning property right protection:

  • Reclamation of property from another person’s possession;
  • Protection of a purchaser interests;
  • Division of the property owned by a shared property right;
  • Recognition of property right;
  • Protection of proprietor from actions, which are not related to deprivation of possession;
  • Anti- raider activity.